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  What Are the Risks of Circumcision?                                            


As with any medical procedure, localised pain during and for a short time after the procedure may occur. Local anaesthetic  is  used, and this will be discussed with you in detail prior to the procedure. Oral painkillers can be administered for comfort after the circumcision. Pain and discomfort after the procedure is significantly reduced when the procedure is completed at the youngest possible age.

Minor bleeding may occur which can be easily contained by applying pressure, or less commonly a few stitches.

Serious complications requiring hospitalisation are rare (approximately 1 in 5000). Serious complications are virtually unheard of when performed by an experienced medical practitioner. Nevertheless, you will be provided with an emergency phone number after the circumcision. The need for repeat surgery is not common at less than 1 in 1000.

Generalised infections requiring antibiotics resulting from circumcision are extremely rare at less that 1 in 4000.

Common mis-information about circumcision includes differences in penile sensitivity and negative psychological impacts. We encourage you to discuss these and any other concerns you may have with Dr Goldman.

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