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What to Expect Before & After the Procedure?       

When booking for the procedure, please ensure you have booked at your desired location.
Cairnlea Superclinic is only available on Wednesday Mornings.
Noble Park Clinic, preferred day is Tuesday, but porcedures can be arranged on other days, if needed.

Before the Procedure...

• Try not to disturb your baby’s normal daily routine. Continue his feeding and sleeping patterns as usual.
• He does not need a bath on circumcision day neither before, nor after.

What You Need to Bring:

If visiting the Melbourne Circumcision Centre for the procedure, please bring:
• One jar of Vaseline (petroleum jelly).
• If you are not breastfeeding, please bring a prepared bottle of formula.


After the Procedure...

• The baby will have two (2) layers of bandages on his penis. These usually fall off spontaneously within 24hours of circumcision. For  some babies, the bandages will stay on longer which is no problem.
• The outer layer suppresses bleeding immediately after circumcision. The inner layer is a Bacteriostatic and Haemostatic Dressing  (Kaltostat) which is fully absorbed by the body, so there’s no need to remove remaining strands.
• The wound is usually dry and non-painful after a few days, yet will remain red and swollen for 7 – 10 days.
• As part of the healing process, a yellow film will then develop over the penis.
• After the bandages have fallen off, or 48 hours, (whichever comes first),  he will be ready for bathing as usual.
• If the bandage has not dropped off, Dr Goldman will remove them at the follow up check-up' Please note that bandages may develop an  odour the longer they remain on and this is normal.
• We recommend that you return with your baby for a checkup about two weeks after the procedure. Dr Goldman is always available to review  your baby as often as you feel necessary.
• Please contact Dr Goldman at any time with concerns.

What You Need to Do:

• For about one (1) week after the procedure, you will need to place a piece of gauze with a dab of Vaseline at the tip of your baby’s penis at each nappy change.
• Other than that, treat your baby as normal.

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