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Congratulations On Your New Baby Boy!                                                        

Parents are faced with many important decisions throughout their child’s life on how best to establish the building blocks of optimum health, self-esteem and quality of life. A decision that is best considered early on in your son’s life is whether or not to circumcise.

As parents have the legal right to authorise circumcision, this website has been designed as a first step in helping you make an informed decision in understanding the benefits and risks of circumcision, and choosing the best option for your son.

Dr Hershel Goldman B.Sc.,MB.B.S.

Dr Hershel Goldman is the principle Doctor who runs the Melbourne Circumcision Centre and performs the circumcisions. He is a fully qualified General Practitioner with more than 30 years experience in performing neonatal circumcisions for both medical and ritual reasons.

Dr Goldman does not perform circumcisions on patients over 4 months. If you wish arrange circumcision for older children or an adult, we advise you contact your regular Doctor, and ask for his/her assistance. If he/she cannot assist, you are welcome to come for an appointment, and Dr Goldman can advise and arrange an appropriate referral.

To discuss any of your  questions in person, please contact us to make an appointment with Dr Goldman.

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